Do you pay full price to get your feet lookin’ pretty?

Sandals and dirty streets do not do our feet good! I love to go get a pedicure at a salon…it’s sooo relaxing, my feet feel sooo soft and fresh after, but very soon after I feel like I’ve wasted my money (especially when I ruin them 5 minutes later). I’ve been doing the at home pedicure lately and it’s still really satisfying (and a lot cheaper).

Here’s how to do it:

1) Soak your feet in water and lather with soap for 5 minutes

2) Use a foot scrubber and then pumice stone to make heels and feet smooth (you can usually buy this in 1 package)

3) Put lotion that has urea on your feet and then put socks on for 10 minutes (it’s like a facial for your feet). The urea rehydrates and heels dead skin, it seriously is a miracle worker.

4) Get to painting. I LOVE Essie nail polish, especially the colors “need a vacation” and “watermelon” – they are the perfect summer colors.

Another money saving tip: If you’ve already done the prep work, but don’t think you do a very good job of painting your own nails, you can always get a “color change” at a nail salon and it will cost you somewhere around half the price of a full pedicure.

Do you pay the big bucks for a pedicure or do you do-it-yourself? Have any other money saving tips?

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