AMAZING new shirts and dresses that I’m DYING for (and you will be too)!

When I saw the new pieces that Banana Republic just came out with, my jaw literally hit the floor. The printed dresses, handkerchief-like blouses and embroidered shirts– all sooo up my ally! My first reaction was…”OMG, I have to have it all, what if it sells out before I get to it? I will be devastated!” On the flip side I know to never buy anything at Banana Republic at full price because it is guaranteed that it will eventually go on sale. Do you splurge on maybe just one piece because you obviously NEED it right now (NOT!)? Or do you wait for it all to go on sale? Quite the predicament…what would you do?

One Response to AMAZING new shirts and dresses that I’m DYING for (and you will be too)!

  1. Anonymous says:

    4 years ago I fell in love with a dress from J. Crew. It was strapless and knee length with the cutest postcard print design that I’ve seen nothing like before. I wanted it immediately…. but was not going to pay 200 dollars for it. So I waited… because, like Banana Republic, J.Crew has a new sale every other day. I went in to check for it 3 weeks later and it was down to 100 bucks! Still, I couldn’t justify purchasing it. The weeks passed and I started to forget about my dress, until one day when I stopped in J.Crew for some back to school shopping. Their summer sale was in full swing and of course that was where I ran to first… Lo and behold, there hung my postcard dress, with a freshly reduced pricetag… $40.00!!! (No joke.) They had 3 left and I prayed one would be a size 4. No such luck. Thanfully, there was a size 6 and, as I was still fighting off my freshman fifteen, I decided that this would do just fine! Sooo, I walked out of the store with my dream dress and got it for 160 dollars cheaper than original price. 4 years and a few alterations later, I STILL wear it all the time… and it’s STILL, by far, one of my favorite dresses and best purchases!WAIT FOR THE SALE!

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