The Ped Egg: I’m a believer!

I work in advertising, so whenever I hear about a new gadget that’s a miracle worker I chock it up to great marketing and let it go. But every summer I have the same problem…my heels get all dry and callused (I know it’s gross, but I’m hoping you can relate). I’ve gone to the podiatrist who has performed some tricks that only had temporary results, I’ve scrubbed with a pumice stone, but NOTHING has the effect I’m looking for. Since the Ped Egg has been non-stop in my face for months now, I decided to spend the $13 and take a chance…I was sure I’d be throwing that $13 in the garbage, but that was not the case at all. My heels have not been this smooth since I’m 7 years old! Seriously…smooth as a baby’s bottom!! I am no longer embarrassed to wear my sandals, in fear that someone will see the nastiness going on down there. I’m a believer now…and trust me…you should be too!!

You should get the one with the handle like I did, so much easier to maneuver!

If you want the hand one, you’ll save $3, it’s only $10!

Also, check out this copy of Ped Egg from CVS for $10. Works just as well as the real thing and they throw in some extras like a pumice attachment!

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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