What price would you pay to have your own personal shoe stylist?

My friend just told me about this new site founded by Kim Kardashian called ShoeDazzle. The website is kind of confusing at first, but once I sunk my teeth in, it’s acutally a pretty cool concept. You take a quick survey that shows you pictures of certain styles and asks what you like best. From this, once a month, Kim, along with her stylist friends choose 5 pairs of shoes they think fit your peronsal style best. From those 5 pairs, you get to choose 1 pair that will be shipped to you to keep. There is no additional charge for the shoes, your monthly $39 fee covers it all!

Things to keep in mind:

1) You can sign up and scope out the scene for a while before you actually make a commitment. You are not charged until you make your first selection…so you can keep getting shoe options emailed to you for a few months before you take the plunge.

2) If the size that’s sent to you doesn’t fit, you can exchange for no fee

3) You can return items and get your $39 back, but there is a $6 restocking fee

4) You pay month by month, so if you want to cancel, you can cancel at anytime

5) Also, if you decide you don’t want a pair of shoes one month, you can “skip a month,” but you must decide this between the 1st and 5th of the month

I’m a little skeptical about this process, but I’m thinking about trying it out to see what the deal is.

Is this something you’d be interested in? $39 a month for shoes? Is that worth the investment for you?

Check them out on facebook, they seem to be getting great feedback!


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