Fashion Mag Lookbook: The September Issue- WOW!

The big hair, the over-the-top coats and accessories…to die for…

This weekend I saw The September Issue, the documentary about the great Anna Wintour and Vogue. It’s really unbelievable the influence that one woman has on the entire fashion world. I didn’t realize that not only is she the Editor and Chief of Vogue, but she is heavily involved with every huge designer imaginable (Vera Wang for example) and they all look to her for advice for their fashion shows and designs for the upcoming season. From London, to Paris to Rome, everyone knows her name. She’s quite the icon in her large glasses, pixie hairdo and crossed arms. Very intimidating, yet the movie shows, she’s not a “devil,” more strictly business…just wants to get the job done! I respect that!
And as much as the movie was about Anna, it was equally about her Creative Director (photo shoot stylist) Grace Coddington. Without Grace, the magazine would not have the look and feel that we experience each month.
What did you think of the movie? Did it make you notice something about fashion you didn’t know before? Did you want to run to Saks to try on courture dresses just for fun after also?
Shop the September 2009 issue looks for less:
I peronally LOVE the purple coats!

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