Olay is on a Roll!

First off, I was literally jumping up and down when my first product assignment from Yahoo! Shine was delivered. I ripped open the box and was so excited to see what was inside. I’ve been seeing some serious age lines around my eyes lately and I’ve been meaning to pick something up to minimize this clear sign that I’m getting older, so this was perfect. I took a quick look at all 3 products and was most attracted to the “Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller” (who wasn’t). It’s certainly gimmicky, but I fell for it’s innovative look and put it to the test.

It was so entertaining to actually use the product. One (awkward) click and you are ready to apply. The cream that is dispensed from the 3 metal rollers feels cool on the skin and it was fun to massage my eyes (each one for 30 seconds), although it was a little messy…

I was having so much fun with it that my boyfriend joined in, no joke! He used it every night I did. Even though it was engaging, neither of us can really say it worked. So, do I recommend for a quick feeling of coolness on my skin and a fun product to use? Yes. But if you want serious results, I’d say try something else, especially since I find the price tag of $23 to be a tad expensive for a drugstore brand.

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