Perfect Fit Buttons – Now someone’s thinking!!

OMG! This is so embarrassing to write about, but it’s just too good to pass up!

I was just watching TV and an infomercial for Perfect Fit Buttons came on. My boyfriend and I immediately started cracking up laughing. Many times when we go for dinner, I desperately need to unbutton my pants. It’s SO humiliating, but I do it, or I may just burst. I know you do it too!! (Right?)

The perfect fit button allows you to attached a second button to your jeans, so you can adjust if you need to. I think this is PURE genius, honestly. Feeling a little bloated? Didn’t get to the gym as you had hoped? This is the perfect invention.

It’s $10 plus $6.99 shipping, WAY cheaper than having to buy a pair of “fat” jeans for those not so skinny days…

Sooo are you going to buy them? I’m about to complete my order…DO IT!!

One Response to Perfect Fit Buttons – Now someone’s thinking!!

  1. Hey Pam,

    I loved the Perfect Fit Button Commercial and I agree someone is thinking. When you ordered did you have to get the shoes under or could you opt out of that? Keep us posted. Any upgrades we should be aware of or watch out for?

    Thanks for the heads up

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