How the perfect pair of shoes can change your entire wardrobe!

August 18, 2009

From what you have read on my past blogs, I’m sure you can see that I own a ton of dresses, but I also have so many that I have not worn in years and some that even still have the tags on them (I know this is awful). A bunch of these dresses haven’t been worn because I’m too much of a wuss to wear heals to work all day and they don’t look cute with flats. But after much research and shopping I found the PERFECT pair at Ann Taylor Loft!*

Ever since the purchase of these shoes I feel like I have a totally new wardrobe…my friends think I went on a shopping spree, but I’m just finally wearing what I haven’t in so long! Who knew that 1 pair of shoes could add so much to a wardrobe?!
What piece in your closet could you not live without? What do you do to spice up what you already own and make it new again?
*They are no longer available online, but you can get them in your local Ann Taylor Loft store for $35! Hurry up because these are sure to fly off the shelves quickly!

For more low-heeled wedge options go here “What type of shoe suits your needs most?”

What’s your secret to wearing white?

June 11, 2009

For me, the warm weather can never come too soon. Not only do I love the spring and summer, but I can’t wait to wear white again! Such a crisp and fresh look. I love the way bold colors bounce right off white, it’s just a show-stopping combination. White pants with a turquoise top, white dress with daring colored accessories or a white skirt with playful sandals; the opportunities are endless.

One thing that puts a damper on all of these wonderful options is that no matter how hard I try, I end up completely dirty by the end of the day. It’s been costing me a fortune in dry cleaning already and it’s only the middle of June! Am I just such a slob or is this a common thing

How do you stay clean in your gorgeous white pieces? Any tips to get out the grossness on your white clothes without spending a fortune? What does your favorite white outfit look like?

A few of my favorites:
Marisa White Denim Capris – $49.50
White Denim Mini Skirt – $39.50
Floral Burnout Skirt – $39.50
Sheath Dress with Pleated Trim – $69.00

What to pair them with:
Ruffle Trim Tank in Coral – $24.50
Smocked Button Front Top in Blue – $46.50
Pucker Check Squareneck Top in Haze – $39.50