The Cutoff Short: Are you a fan?

August 2, 2009
My summer uniform consists of mostly dresses and the occasional skirt, but oddly, I never consider a pair of shorts. It’s the most basic of all summer clothing, yet I seem to ignore this every year. I’ve been seeing the cutoff jean short all around these days and thought I better get myself a pair before it’s too late and the weather starts to turn south.

Here are some jean cutoff options:

American Eagle at ShopStyle

I love the way a baggy top contrasts with these short shorts!

American Apparel at ShopStyle

Pair with these trendy sandals:

Mossimo at ShopStyle

Complete your outfit with these accessories:

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Are you a fan of cutoffs? What do you pair them with?

I’m heading to the beach on vacation (in my cutoffs of course)!! See you in a week!