What’s your secret to wearing white?

June 11, 2009

For me, the warm weather can never come too soon. Not only do I love the spring and summer, but I can’t wait to wear white again! Such a crisp and fresh look. I love the way bold colors bounce right off white, it’s just a show-stopping combination. White pants with a turquoise top, white dress with daring colored accessories or a white skirt with playful sandals; the opportunities are endless.

One thing that puts a damper on all of these wonderful options is that no matter how hard I try, I end up completely dirty by the end of the day. It’s been costing me a fortune in dry cleaning already and it’s only the middle of June! Am I just such a slob or is this a common thing

How do you stay clean in your gorgeous white pieces? Any tips to get out the grossness on your white clothes without spending a fortune? What does your favorite white outfit look like?

A few of my favorites:
Marisa White Denim Capris – $49.50
White Denim Mini Skirt – $39.50
Floral Burnout Skirt – $39.50
Sheath Dress with Pleated Trim – $69.00

What to pair them with:
Ruffle Trim Tank in Coral – $24.50
Smocked Button Front Top in Blue – $46.50
Pucker Check Squareneck Top in Haze – $39.50