BURRR It’s cold out there…What are you wearing to keep warm?

October 15, 2009

The past few days in NYC have been pretty cold. And today, coupled with wind and rain…not the Fall weather I’ve been looking forward to. Winter has creeped it’s way in too early! I’m hoping it goes into hiding again, at least for a little while longer. In the meantime, I’ve bought a new winter jacket and dug out my gloves and ear warmers (can’t deal with hats, they make my hair a disaster!).

What type of winter coat will be keeping you warm this winter? What are your favorite winter accessories? How much are you willing to spend on these very key pieces of winter attire?

Here are my picks! Shop them below!!

Coat with a hood and high neck! I got this DKNY coat in black in TJ Maxx for $75!! It’s more expensive online, so I’d check out TJ first! It’s really great and warm.

Something about toggle closures really catch my eye, and in that red…a definite keeper! To top things off, I got this hooded Michael Kors coat in Loehmann’s for $100!!

Fingerless gloves that give you the option of glove or mitten are the greatest invention that ever happened to winter wear. My hands are warm when I’m waiting for the bus, but I can flip the top off in a moments notice so I have plenty of time to grab my metro card!

And lastly, those ear warmers I was talking about…they are so toasty!! You can buy them here for $17.50, which is totally worth it. But street vendors in the city sell them for $5!! A great investment if you ask me!!

Now you’re all suited for the cold! Good luck out there!!

Shop now, wear later! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here!

July 23, 2009

I really look forward to this one sale every year. It’s difficult for me to do, but I try to think about what I will need once the weather gets a little colder and try to buy it now, on sale, versus in 3 months from now at full price. The greatest thing about Nordstrom is that if I buy something now and then don’t end up wearing it in 3 months from now I can still return it then. They have the best return policy ever (save your receipt to be on the safe side)! So, I say buy now and reevaluate later. What I suggest buying are boots, handbags, coats and sweaters. Let me know what you think about the selection! Would you buy months in advance to save some cash or can you not even think about your winter wardrobe yet?

Tip 1: Prices will go back up to full price on August 3rd.
Tip 2: If you spend $200 online you get free shipping.

Here are some of my picks! Yes, I know that they are over $100, but these are your winter essentials here, at extremely slashed prices!!

Frye ‘Maxine’ Short Boot – $199.90 from $297.95