Pam vs. Dress – Dress Wins!

September 23, 2009

The Dress:

I’m obsessed with the exposed zipper lately, I just can’t seem to get enough, so when I saw this dress at H&M I knew I had to try it on. It went on smoothly and looked awesome! Price check: 39.99! Sold!! I couldn’t predict what was about to happen, but as I went to casually remove this dress from my body it wouldn’t budge. Did I gain 10 pounds from the 2 minutes before? I squirmed and wiggled- nothing!! I literally unzipped the dress in half and the beautiful exposed zipper just kept digging into my skin. Luckily, after quite a fight, I managed to get it off. Looking all disheveled and defeated I exited the dressing room, head down in shame. How humiliating!! And after all this, I honestly still contemplated buying it. Psychotic, I know.

The Aftermath:

Have u ever gotten stuck in a piece of clothing? Did you imagine having to tell the sales woman that you needed the jaws of life to remove it? What’s your most embarrassing dressing room story? Who won?

Cat Deeley: Her Eclectic Style

July 6, 2009

I’m a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance on FOX. These kids really have talent that stretches from street dancers to professional ballerinas. Just like the variety of dance on this show, Cat Deeley, the show’s gorgeous host, has been showing us her varying sense of style this season.

She’s been in everything from a classic all white suit to a funky hot pink dress with rock n’ roll belt and shoes. There is nothing that she can’t pull off!
This twist on punk rock really caught my attention…here’s how you can make it work for less (for under $100)!

MOLAVI from Aldo– $59.98 from $125

Do you like Cat’s style? How do you feel about this outfit? Think you could pull it off?

Colorblock dress for $200?! I don’t think so!!

June 15, 2009

I have been seeing the colorblock dress in EVERY single store I go into. They are so flattering, vibrant and comfortable, but I could never get myself to purchase one for $60, let alone $200. BUT the other day I found one in Forever 21 for SUPER cheap, like I mean SUPER SUPER cheap, as in $13.50 and it looks almost identical to the $200 options. It is one of my new favorite dresses!

Which dress do you think is the $200 option vs the $13.50?

Okay…I’ll tell you…

The top picture is from, the Black Halo Colorblock dress for $226
The second picture is from Forever21, the Fab Colorblock dress for $13.50

Did you get it right?

Do you own a colorblock dress? What did you (or would you) pay for it?

Sexy or comfy? – What’s most important to you?

June 10, 2009

I had a wedding this past Friday night and all I knew was that I wanted to look sexy. I’ve been working out…feeling good…and wanted to show off all of my hard work. I found an incredibly sexy BCBGMaxazria dress in Loehmann’s for $90- it was exactly what I was looking for. Only problem was…I could barely breathe. It had boning in it which made it feel like a corset. Yes, it was sucking me in in all the right places, but how was I going to eat the franks in the blankets and drink wine if there wasn’t even room for air?

I battled for the rest of the week about what to do…tried it on for friends who LOVED it (yea, because they weren’t the ones who would have be constricted all night) and went shopping around town for something still sexy, but more practical. I ended up going with this blue Banana Republic dress…paired it with a pair of very high heels and delicate silver earrings and I felt great, plus I had plenty of room to eat, drink and dance all night.

What do you prefer? Looking sexy with a little discomfort or going for something that also looks great, but allows you to live a little? OR is it possible to have the best of both worlds?

Wardrobe must-have: The Cardigan (in every shape, size and color)

June 5, 2009

I noticed yesterday that half of my closet is filled with cardigans…how could I possibly have SO many? I mean, I guess I do wear one pretty much every day of the week, so it does makes sense. Whether it’s over a silk top or just a plain tank, a dress or a skirt, the cardigan is a very handy piece of clothing. They really go with just about anything…pair it with a long necklace and cute shoes and you are bound to look completely put together and stylish, every single day of the week. So many different kinds to choose from…here are some of my favorites…all for under $50!




¾ sleeve

Short sleeve



What do you wear your cardigans with?