The one beauty product I couldn’t live without: Vaseline

June 25, 2009

Vaseline is without a doubt the #1 staple in my makeup case. There are so many different uses for Vaseline that I have accumulated one in every shape and size. Here’s what I use it for:

Eye makeup remover:
* I don’t believe that there is any need to buy the pricey eye makeup removers when you can easily scoop out some Vaseline, rub it on your eyes and wipe off with a tissue. It seriously works better than anything else I have ever tried.
Lip gloss:
*I carry a lip gloss sized one in my pocketbook for easy access while I’m hoppin around town.
*I also have a container on my desk at work and one on my nightstand at home just incase my lips get dry

Dry skin healer:
* It is the perfect remedy for dry hands and feet. It’s awesome to put on your heels. Put some socks on and this will add moisture to that very dry area.

Seriously, why spend $50 on expensive eye makeup removers or fancy foot creams when you can get just as great of a result from Vaseline for $2 – $5?

Do you use Vaseline as much as I do? If not, try it out…let me know how it goes!