The Ped Egg: I’m a believer!

June 17, 2009

I work in advertising, so whenever I hear about a new gadget that’s a miracle worker I chock it up to great marketing and let it go. But every summer I have the same problem…my heels get all dry and callused (I know it’s gross, but I’m hoping you can relate). I’ve gone to the podiatrist who has performed some tricks that only had temporary results, I’ve scrubbed with a pumice stone, but NOTHING has the effect I’m looking for. Since the Ped Egg has been non-stop in my face for months now, I decided to spend the $13 and take a chance…I was sure I’d be throwing that $13 in the garbage, but that was not the case at all. My heels have not been this smooth since I’m 7 years old! Seriously…smooth as a baby’s bottom!! I am no longer embarrassed to wear my sandals, in fear that someone will see the nastiness going on down there. I’m a believer now…and trust me…you should be too!!

You should get the one with the handle like I did, so much easier to maneuver!

If you want the hand one, you’ll save $3, it’s only $10!

Also, check out this copy of Ped Egg from CVS for $10. Works just as well as the real thing and they throw in some extras like a pumice attachment!

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Do you pay full price to get your feet lookin’ pretty?

May 27, 2009

Sandals and dirty streets do not do our feet good! I love to go get a pedicure at a salon…it’s sooo relaxing, my feet feel sooo soft and fresh after, but very soon after I feel like I’ve wasted my money (especially when I ruin them 5 minutes later). I’ve been doing the at home pedicure lately and it’s still really satisfying (and a lot cheaper).

Here’s how to do it:

1) Soak your feet in water and lather with soap for 5 minutes

2) Use a foot scrubber and then pumice stone to make heels and feet smooth (you can usually buy this in 1 package)

3) Put lotion that has urea on your feet and then put socks on for 10 minutes (it’s like a facial for your feet). The urea rehydrates and heels dead skin, it seriously is a miracle worker.

4) Get to painting. I LOVE Essie nail polish, especially the colors “need a vacation” and “watermelon” – they are the perfect summer colors.

Another money saving tip: If you’ve already done the prep work, but don’t think you do a very good job of painting your own nails, you can always get a “color change” at a nail salon and it will cost you somewhere around half the price of a full pedicure.

Do you pay the big bucks for a pedicure or do you do-it-yourself? Have any other money saving tips?

Summer Dress and Gym Shoes? I committed the ULTIMATE fashion crime!

May 15, 2009

I did something this morning that I always said I’d never do and looked at others who did like they were insane…I wore a cute summer dress with my GYM shoes!!! My legs and feet do not appreciate me walking around the city in flats and sandals all the time…shin splints, tendonitis of my achilles heel…not cool! Doctors always said not to wear flats as walking shoes and I never listened…until today…

The pros:
1) My feet didn’t hurt
2) My feet were clean (no nasty black stuff on them)
3) I’m not ruining my good shoes by using them as walking shoes
4) People looked at me weird, but they were just jealous (right?)

The cons:
1) I looked like a fool

I said I’d never do it…but I’ll totally do it again tomorrow! Would you commit this crime?