What would you buy with a $100 cash gift?

December 15, 2009

For the Holidays, my parents got me a few little things and a nice, crisp $100 bill. I have tons of things on my wish list (all exceeding this $100) like J Brand Skinny Jeans ($189), Tory Burch Aviator Sunglasses ($175), Tory Burch Flats ($195-$235), and the perfect dress(es) to wear with leggings, perhaps for New Year’s, from Urban Outfitters (about $60-$80 each)…the list seriously goes on and on and on…

Should I splurge for the items that double my $100 limit and add a little extra cash of my own? Or should I stay within my budget and go for a dress or 2 from Urban? What would you do? What are you hoping for during the Holidays?

Click below to check out my wish list of items below:

Tory Burch at ShopStyle

It’s been hard to write lately, but keep on checkin’ back for more!!

Summer Dress and Gym Shoes? I committed the ULTIMATE fashion crime!

May 15, 2009

I did something this morning that I always said I’d never do and looked at others who did like they were insane…I wore a cute summer dress with my GYM shoes!!! My legs and feet do not appreciate me walking around the city in flats and sandals all the time…shin splints, tendonitis of my achilles heel…not cool! Doctors always said not to wear flats as walking shoes and I never listened…until today…

The pros:
1) My feet didn’t hurt
2) My feet were clean (no nasty black stuff on them)
3) I’m not ruining my good shoes by using them as walking shoes
4) People looked at me weird, but they were just jealous (right?)

The cons:
1) I looked like a fool

I said I’d never do it…but I’ll totally do it again tomorrow! Would you commit this crime?