December 29, 2009

We’re running out of time, New Year’s Eve is only 1 day away…time to actually commit to those last minute plans. Will you be going to that chic loft party downtown ($125), or the open bar at the W Hotel ($120), having a cocktail party at your apartment with a few close friends (BYOB), or will you be dining in style with your significant other (nothing too fancy)? So many choices…so little time and SO much money to spend (if you choose). Obviously, what you’ve decided to do will reflect the outfit you’re going to wear. See below for some very trendy options that will not break the bank (everything’s under $150), for wherever your night takes you:

Chic Downtown Loft Party or Open Bar at the W Hotel:

Silence & Noise at ShopStyle

Cocktail Party at your apartment:

Banana Republic at ShopStyle

Dining with your significant other (my choice – I don’t really feel like the hype this year, but still want to do something special and dress up a bit):

Patterson J. Kincaid at ShopStyle

What are your plans?? Have a VERY happy new year! =)

How do you feel about the "POOF?"

August 21, 2009

It’s a highly humid, hot, and muggy night in New York City. My hair is already tied back, but my bangs are bugging me. I’m hanging out at a bar called “Frying Pan” (ever heard of it?), really cool place right on the Hudson River, and I’m on line for the bathroom. I have a bobby pin in my pocket and I’m about to give up and pin back the bangs that are glued to my forehead, when a girl taps me on the shoulder and asks if I need help. Her friend says, “she’s really good at this.” Meanwhile, my helper has perfectly straight bangs, I can’t imagine where this expertise comes from, but anyway…she pins my bangs back in a perfect “poof” (you know what I mean). It looked great, surprisingly. I actually really appreciated her help. I felt so much more comfortable the rest of the night, not having to worry about my frizzed out hair.

Are you the kind of girl that helps others out, or do you turn a blind eye? Ever pay it forward? How do you feel about the “poof?”