It doesn’t get any more rugged than this!

July 14, 2009

Ohhh there is nothing better than throwing on your favorite boots once the temperature cools down. No, I’m not hoping for the end of summer by any means, I actually HATE the cold, but I LOVE the look of a brand new pair of leather boots. This new vintage line from Nine West has really caught my attention. I allow myself one expensive pair of boots each year and I think I’ve found them already. This pair right here are so gorgeous; I think I’m blushing. I love the dark natural leather look and the side grommet details. I’m going to wait it out for a little, maybe until they go on sale or perhaps a friendly coupon comes my way, but boyyy have I got my eye on these. You can pre-order from this collection now or wait to spend the big bucks until absolutely necessary like I will. How cool is this collection? What’s first on your to-buy list?

Summer’s Trendiest Sandals: Problem solved for the vertically challenged! (Options for tall gals too)

June 23, 2009

It’s times like these that I really wish I was of model stature. I love the gladiator sandals and I am especially loving the ones with the ankle strap. I finally tried on a pair this weekend and I was so disappointed. These shoes are NOT made for someone who is 5’1”. I obviously should have known better. They literally cut my entire body in half!! How do you keep up on the latest sandal trend when they just don’t do anything for you? Anyone else struggle with this? I’ll just have to live vicariously through the tall people out there…

If you’re short like me…stick to options like these!
They still have the ankle strap but it rests lower on your ankle which makes them more flattering to those of us who don’t have the height.

Uba – $59.99 and take an additional 30% off

Heli – $69

Gabriella – $49.99 from $69.99

Apricot – $29.99 from $69

Here are a few that I just love! Make me happy…buy them (because I can’t)!!!!

Pippa, Boutique 9 – $89.99 from $120

Pristine, Boutique 9 – $69.99 from $130

Odolf – $69 and take 30% off

Pictureit, Boutique 9 – $69.99 from $99

Moselle – $89 (wait until these go on sale, they will)

All shoes are from