Pam vs. Dress – Dress Wins!

September 23, 2009

The Dress:

I’m obsessed with the exposed zipper lately, I just can’t seem to get enough, so when I saw this dress at H&M I knew I had to try it on. It went on smoothly and looked awesome! Price check: 39.99! Sold!! I couldn’t predict what was about to happen, but as I went to casually remove this dress from my body it wouldn’t budge. Did I gain 10 pounds from the 2 minutes before? I squirmed and wiggled- nothing!! I literally unzipped the dress in half and the beautiful exposed zipper just kept digging into my skin. Luckily, after quite a fight, I managed to get it off. Looking all disheveled and defeated I exited the dressing room, head down in shame. How humiliating!! And after all this, I honestly still contemplated buying it. Psychotic, I know.

The Aftermath:

Have u ever gotten stuck in a piece of clothing? Did you imagine having to tell the sales woman that you needed the jaws of life to remove it? What’s your most embarrassing dressing room story? Who won?

Iconic hairstyles- The beautiful, the bad and the bold!

June 4, 2009

With Conan newly headlining the Tonight Show (I’m obsessed) and a whole ad campaign focusing on his hair, it got me thinking about classic, dare I even say, iconic, hair-dos. Would Conan really have kept his hair this way for so long if it wasn’t a part of making a name for himself? Would Amy Winehouse still strut that beehive if it wasn’t noticed and commented on by her fans? And of course there is Jennifer Aniston, every time she gets a new do (it’s been a while) do you not go copy it? Why do you think these celebrities go to such drastic measures with their hair? Are they afraid that if they keep it simple or get rid of their famous hairstyles that they won’t be noticed or appear to be different anymore? Or do they do it, well…just because they can?

These hairstyles do continue to come full-circle, see celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Katherine Heigl pulling off the Marilyn Monroe or Natalie Portman a replica of Audrey Hepburn. They all look gorgeous, which is obviously why these styles are here to stay…

Also, how much do you pay for your haircut? Do you get highlights or keep it natural? Do you get crazy, trendy cuts or do you keep it simple?