OMG! Clothing on!?!

August 20, 2009

I always love because of their Free Shipping and Free Returns. I think it is such a smart and efficient way to do business. They show their customers that they believe in their products so much that they are willing to take the burden of that expense for us. Also, 99% of the time I order something online from other sites it doesn’t fit the way I’d like it to, and I just send it back and don’t reorder b/c I’d have to pay ANOTHER shipping charge. But I’ve ordered MANY pairs of shoes from Piperlime, sometimes it worked first time around, but most of the time I need to send back for a different pair. Difference is, with Piperlime I don’t RETURN, I just EXCHANGE. Pure genius! And now they are offering the same benefits with clothing!?

Will I ever shop on any other website again? Will all other sites follow suit? Are you so excited?

Also, I love Rachel Zoe’s outfit picks…so dead on!