What to wear when the weather just isn’t cooperating…

December 20, 2009

There was a huge snow storm in NYC this weekend and in any other situation, I would have put my most comfy sweatpants and sweatshirt on, cozied up on the couch with hot chocolate and watched endless amounts of Dexter and Mad Men, but Saturday was not like every other day…one of my oldest and closest friends, Michelle, got engaged (congrats, Mich!) and it was time to celebrate!! Michelle chose the elegant Hudson Hotel (Library Bar) for this occasion. I had a dress, tights and booties ready to wear, but when I looked out the window, I realized that if I wanted to come home with all my bones in tact, this outfit wasn’t going to cut it…I ended up going with a silky top and cardigan, black skinnies and grey flat boots. I gracefully slid on ice the second I walked outside (happy I wasn’t in heels)…yikes!

What would you have worn for this special occasion in such treacherous weather?

What I wore… Would you have gone casual also?

Ann Taylor Loft at ShopStyle

What type of shoe do you wear when you want to look your sexiest?

November 12, 2009

I am sooo over the stiletto heel and I’ve sworn off buying more for good! Every single time I wear them, I curse their existence and whine about how my feet are killing. They have ruined many evenings out, I’m not going to lie. That’s why I’m moving on… I’ve been lusting after these Tory Burch pumps for some time now. I can’t afford the real deal, but I’m searching for something very similar for less. I need a hot pump with that square heel. They are so much more comfortable, yet still sexy!

Tory Burch Lust: Lillian Pump: $325  

Tory Burch at ShopStyle

The look for under $100:


ras at ShopStyle


How do you feel about stilettos? What about the square heel? What type of shoe do you wear when you want to look your sexiest?


Jimmy Choo for H&M: DYING!

October 20, 2009

I want studs, studs and more studs! In stores Nov 14!! Can’t wait!

Also, enter to win the Jimmy Choo for H&M Competition where you can win the chance to be first in line at the collection’s opening!!

I can never understand why H&M doesn’t have a “shop online” option- this truly makes no sense to me! Stores are going to be MOBBEEDD so get there early…elbows out ladies!

Source: FabSugar

Alexander McQueen vs. Steve Madden

October 8, 2009
Alexander Mc Queen at ShopStyle

Which one of these motorcycle jacket inspired booties is McQueen’s “Faithful” bootie (sold for $1,159) and which is Steve Madden’s much more affordable “Serynabootie (sold for $130)? Hard to tell right? And that’s exactly why Alexander McQueen is suing Steve Madden. McQueen is accusing Steve Madden of making an EXACT replica of their bootie, but I’m not sure what the big deal is. Companies do this all the time. McQueen and Steve Madden have completely different target audiences. Someone who can afford McQueen will not settle for this cheaper style and those who can’t afford McQueen would have never bought the “Faithful” bootie in the first place?

What do you guys think about this? Is it fair for McQueen to be so P.O’ed about this? Should Steve Madden have to take their copy off the shelves?

These shoes are so hot! I want me a pair of those Steve Maddens ASAP, but they seem to be sold out everywhere!! Can’t say I’m surprised!

Source: NYMag.com

My Most Recent Obsession: Lace-up Booties

October 7, 2009

These DKNYC lace-up booties are online for $150, but I found them in Loehmann’s for $70!! If there is a Loehmann’s near you, I urge you to go check them out!

What to wear them with? Check out these looks for under $100!

Ann Taylor Loft at ShopStyle



Hurry! Buy These Boots NOW!

October 2, 2009

Get to Urban Outfitters or click the image below and get these before they’re gone! They were originally $78, but are now on sale for $59.99! What a great deal. I’m digging the fold over boot look and obviously that exposed zipper.
Run, don’t walk, because they are sure to sell out fast!



Drooling and lifting my jaw off the floor…

September 8, 2009
Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle

Christian Louboutin Very Prive Peep-toe Pumps $995

Christian Louboutin at ShopStyle

Christian Louboutin Nitoinmoi Bandage Ankle Boots $1,195

These shoes are AMAZING, and although I could never afford them right now, I wonder if I would be willing to spend over $1,000 on shoes in the future, when I’m making more money. Seems like a lot of cash for an accessory that you pound the streets in. Girl can dream, right?

What do you guys think? Investment piece or way too much money to ever even consider?

Shop this look for less:

Steve Madden at ShopStyle

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