What price would you pay to have your own personal shoe stylist?

August 28, 2009

My friend just told me about this new site founded by Kim Kardashian called ShoeDazzle. The website is kind of confusing at first, but once I sunk my teeth in, it’s acutally a pretty cool concept. You take a quick survey that shows you pictures of certain styles and asks what you like best. From this, once a month, Kim, along with her stylist friends choose 5 pairs of shoes they think fit your peronsal style best. From those 5 pairs, you get to choose 1 pair that will be shipped to you to keep. There is no additional charge for the shoes, your monthly $39 fee covers it all!

Things to keep in mind:

1) You can sign up and scope out the scene for a while before you actually make a commitment. You are not charged until you make your first selection…so you can keep getting shoe options emailed to you for a few months before you take the plunge.

2) If the size that’s sent to you doesn’t fit, you can exchange for no fee

3) You can return items and get your $39 back, but there is a $6 restocking fee

4) You pay month by month, so if you want to cancel, you can cancel at anytime

5) Also, if you decide you don’t want a pair of shoes one month, you can “skip a month,” but you must decide this between the 1st and 5th of the month

I’m a little skeptical about this process, but I’m thinking about trying it out to see what the deal is.

Is this something you’d be interested in? $39 a month for shoes? Is that worth the investment for you?

Check them out on facebook, they seem to be getting great feedback!


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OMG! Clothing on Piperlime.com?!?!

August 20, 2009

I always love Piperlime.com because of their Free Shipping and Free Returns. I think it is such a smart and efficient way to do business. They show their customers that they believe in their products so much that they are willing to take the burden of that expense for us. Also, 99% of the time I order something online from other sites it doesn’t fit the way I’d like it to, and I just send it back and don’t reorder b/c I’d have to pay ANOTHER shipping charge. But I’ve ordered MANY pairs of shoes from Piperlime, sometimes it worked first time around, but most of the time I need to send back for a different pair. Difference is, with Piperlime I don’t RETURN, I just EXCHANGE. Pure genius! And now they are offering the same benefits with clothing!?

Will I ever shop on any other website again? Will all other sites follow suit? Are you so excited?

Also, I love Rachel Zoe’s outfit picks…so dead on!

New Fall Trend: Perforated Shoes and Accessories

August 19, 2009

This eye-catching and stylish trend is the perfect way to transition from summer to fall! We’re seeing the perforations in everything from boots, sandals, flats, earrings, handbags…the list goes on. It’s a definite playful, yet edgy twist on these items; something that is sure to be a head turner.

What do you think of this trend? Which item do you like best? I’m obsessed with the gray boots from Nine West!

Shop the trend:

Charlotte Russe at ShopStyle

How the perfect pair of shoes can change your entire wardrobe!

August 18, 2009

From what you have read on my past blogs, I’m sure you can see that I own a ton of dresses, but I also have so many that I have not worn in years and some that even still have the tags on them (I know this is awful). A bunch of these dresses haven’t been worn because I’m too much of a wuss to wear heals to work all day and they don’t look cute with flats. But after much research and shopping I found the PERFECT pair at Ann Taylor Loft!*

Ever since the purchase of these shoes I feel like I have a totally new wardrobe…my friends think I went on a shopping spree, but I’m just finally wearing what I haven’t in so long! Who knew that 1 pair of shoes could add so much to a wardrobe?!
What piece in your closet could you not live without? What do you do to spice up what you already own and make it new again?
*They are no longer available online, but you can get them in your local Ann Taylor Loft store for $35! Hurry up because these are sure to fly off the shelves quickly!

For more low-heeled wedge options go here “What type of shoe suits your needs most?”

Looking for something a little unexpected? Try the exposed ZIPPER!

July 26, 2009

I just saw someone on the street wearing these sandals and I almost tripped over my own feet just to get another glance. I can’t believe I actually found them!! I am really drawn to everything and anything with zipper detail, it adds just the right amount of “edge” to any piece whether it be shoes, handbags, dresses or tops. I think what I love so much about this is that they are always unexpected, like the exposed zippers on the back of the pink/black colorblock dress and blue top below or the zipper on the pocket of the white t-shirt. The zipper always adds a little shock value; spices things up a bit. Are you as struck by these zipper details like I am? I mean, honestly, how can you not be?

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Shop now, wear later! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here!

July 23, 2009

I really look forward to this one sale every year. It’s difficult for me to do, but I try to think about what I will need once the weather gets a little colder and try to buy it now, on sale, versus in 3 months from now at full price. The greatest thing about Nordstrom is that if I buy something now and then don’t end up wearing it in 3 months from now I can still return it then. They have the best return policy ever (save your receipt to be on the safe side)! So, I say buy now and reevaluate later. What I suggest buying are boots, handbags, coats and sweaters. Let me know what you think about the selection! Would you buy months in advance to save some cash or can you not even think about your winter wardrobe yet?

Tip 1: Prices will go back up to full price on August 3rd.
Tip 2: If you spend $200 online you get free shipping.

Here are some of my picks! Yes, I know that they are over $100, but these are your winter essentials here, at extremely slashed prices!!

Frye ‘Maxine’ Short Boot – $199.90 from $297.95

It doesn’t get any more rugged than this!

July 14, 2009

Ohhh there is nothing better than throwing on your favorite boots once the temperature cools down. No, I’m not hoping for the end of summer by any means, I actually HATE the cold, but I LOVE the look of a brand new pair of leather boots. This new vintage line from Nine West has really caught my attention. I allow myself one expensive pair of boots each year and I think I’ve found them already. This pair right here are so gorgeous; I think I’m blushing. I love the dark natural leather look and the side grommet details. I’m going to wait it out for a little, maybe until they go on sale or perhaps a friendly coupon comes my way, but boyyy have I got my eye on these. You can pre-order from this collection now or wait to spend the big bucks until absolutely necessary like I will. How cool is this collection? What’s first on your to-buy list?