AMAZING new shirts and dresses that I’m DYING for (and you will be too)!

May 29, 2009

When I saw the new pieces that Banana Republic just came out with, my jaw literally hit the floor. The printed dresses, handkerchief-like blouses and embroidered shirts– all sooo up my ally! My first reaction was…”OMG, I have to have it all, what if it sells out before I get to it? I will be devastated!” On the flip side I know to never buy anything at Banana Republic at full price because it is guaranteed that it will eventually go on sale. Do you splurge on maybe just one piece because you obviously NEED it right now (NOT!)? Or do you wait for it all to go on sale? Quite the predicament…what would you do?

The Cinch Belt: Trend or Torture?

May 21, 2009

Wearing a cinch belt always looks so good on everyone, but every time I try to wear one I feel like I am suffocating…I can hardly breathe. Are the people wearing these belts way up high just sucking in all day and severely uncomfortable or is there something wrong with me? Do you wear this trend, if so, how do you make it work?

Summer Attire: What’s okay for the office?

May 20, 2009

The gorgeous summer weather is FINALLY here and I can’t wait to throw on my dresses that I just dug out of my parents’ basement (yes, I still have to use my parents’ place for storage)! But I was struggling this morning with what was appropriate for the office. I tried a few things on: one was a little too Saturday afternoon-ish, another was too Saturday night-ish. Then there’s the indecisiveness over which shoes to wear…are stilettos appropriate or should I just stick with a basic flat sandal? I ended up throwing on the usual black pants and a shirt, maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow!? What do you use as a guide to determine what is work appropriate and what is not?

Summer Dress and Gym Shoes? I committed the ULTIMATE fashion crime!

May 15, 2009

I did something this morning that I always said I’d never do and looked at others who did like they were insane…I wore a cute summer dress with my GYM shoes!!! My legs and feet do not appreciate me walking around the city in flats and sandals all the time…shin splints, tendonitis of my achilles heel…not cool! Doctors always said not to wear flats as walking shoes and I never listened…until today…

The pros:
1) My feet didn’t hurt
2) My feet were clean (no nasty black stuff on them)
3) I’m not ruining my good shoes by using them as walking shoes
4) People looked at me weird, but they were just jealous (right?)

The cons:
1) I looked like a fool

I said I’d never do it…but I’ll totally do it again tomorrow! Would you commit this crime?