R.I.P. Brittany Murphy

December 20, 2009

A heart attack at 32…wow! Clueless was one of my all time favorite movies ever! I memorized every line, bought clothes to look like the characters (over the top plaid, mini skirts, knee highs, bright colors, cropped sweater vests and cardigans ring a bell?) and dreamed of having a computerized closet that picked out the most stylish outfits for me each day. The movie and the characters in it were larger than life. And Brittany Murphy (aka Tai) will be remembered, I think mostly for this role.
Do you think there is more to come for this story? What’s your most memorable Clueless moment?

Shop Clueless style below (for old times sake):

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Get this look: Sienna Miller

August 21, 2009
The look:

The pieces:

I love the outfits that other people think up that I could never in a million years put together. A striped tank with a pleated skirt? With oxfords and aviators? Huh? I’m puzzled by this combination, which makes me absolutely LOVE it. She looks so chic! I wish I was that cool! Wonder if we’d be able to pull off such an ensemble…girl can try, right?

Take a try with some of these options (Not gonna lie, it was hard to find such a great skirt, for less):

Shop the trend:

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Source: InStyle – Miller wore a pleated skirt from her own line, Twenty8Twelve along with a striped tank, lace-up oxfords, a beaded necklace and a Prada bag.


Styling tips from celebrity stylists? Count me in!

August 16, 2009

This really great new site, StyleQ.com, just popped up and I’m totally loving the first edition featuring Daily 10 (on E!) and Kardashian stylist, Monica Rose. I’m always amazed at how these ladies look and now we get the chance to actually get inside the head of this unique celebrity stylist. Now, I’m not saying that I can afford anything on this site, I can’t, but it’s great for ideas and tips, then we’ll go find these pieces for less!

What do you think of the site? Do you like Monica’s choices? LOVE HER!

Monica’s picks:

My picks for less:

Monica’s Picks:

My Picks for less:

Adam + Eve at ShopStyle

Do you have any haircut horror stories?

July 17, 2009

After much procrastination (and harassment from a co-worker that they were WAY too long), I got my bangs cut. Getting a bang cut is not as easy as one may think. It is a very delicate balance. If they don’t cut enough, you will have to go back next week again for yet another bang cut. If they cut too much, your bangs might end up looking like Peggy on Mad Men (see below), and I sure don’t want that!! The bang cut yesterday ended up being one of the best I’ve gotten since I’ve stepped foot in the city. Who would have thought that the hair salon I’ve been staring at through my work window for 2 years would be “the one.”

Anyways, how often do you go to get a bang/hair cut? Do you stick with one person or do you go with the most convenient at the moment? Do you trust when some else has those scissors in their hands or are you as skeptical as I am of their expertise? How much do you pay? Have any horror stories to tell?

My Favorite Weekend Day Dresses!

June 29, 2009

I love how it’s so easy in the summer to throw on a comfy dress and some flip flops and look totally relaxed and put together. I’ve been gathering quite the collection of the perfect summer dresses, all for extremely reasonable prices, take a look…these options come straight from my very own closet!

Ann Taylor Loft: Hurry! Until tomorrow (June 30) you can get 25% off AND Free Shipping on $125+ ordersAlso, you get $25 off $100 with coupon code 104002088 until Monday, July 6

When does too much cleavage become just plain trashy?

June 24, 2009

I have to admit that I was a HUGE fan of the “Girls Next Door” on E! and now with the new “Kendra” spin off I still get a little taste of the girls. Kendra is so beautiful, has a great bod, contagious laugh and is sooo perky (ditzy) all the time…it makes for great programming, but with her DDD boobs hanging out at every moment…I almost get embarrased for her. When does showing some skin cross the line into just plain gross? Do you think it’s appropriate to show so much cleavage in front of your boyfriend/fiance/husband’s parents like Kendra did on the last episode? YIKES!

Doesn’t she look so much cuter (and more normal) in something like this?

Colorblock dress for $200?! I don’t think so!!

June 15, 2009

I have been seeing the colorblock dress in EVERY single store I go into. They are so flattering, vibrant and comfortable, but I could never get myself to purchase one for $60, let alone $200. BUT the other day I found one in Forever 21 for SUPER cheap, like I mean SUPER SUPER cheap, as in $13.50 and it looks almost identical to the $200 options. It is one of my new favorite dresses!

Which dress do you think is the $200 option vs the $13.50?

Okay…I’ll tell you…

The top picture is from Bluefly.com, the Black Halo Colorblock dress for $226
The second picture is from Forever21, the Fab Colorblock dress for $13.50

Did you get it right?

Do you own a colorblock dress? What did you (or would you) pay for it?

Sexy or comfy? – What’s most important to you?

June 10, 2009

I had a wedding this past Friday night and all I knew was that I wanted to look sexy. I’ve been working out…feeling good…and wanted to show off all of my hard work. I found an incredibly sexy BCBGMaxazria dress in Loehmann’s for $90- it was exactly what I was looking for. Only problem was…I could barely breathe. It had boning in it which made it feel like a corset. Yes, it was sucking me in in all the right places, but how was I going to eat the franks in the blankets and drink wine if there wasn’t even room for air?

I battled for the rest of the week about what to do…tried it on for friends who LOVED it (yea, because they weren’t the ones who would have be constricted all night) and went shopping around town for something still sexy, but more practical. I ended up going with this blue Banana Republic dress…paired it with a pair of very high heels and delicate silver earrings and I felt great, plus I had plenty of room to eat, drink and dance all night.

What do you prefer? Looking sexy with a little discomfort or going for something that also looks great, but allows you to live a little? OR is it possible to have the best of both worlds?

Wardrobe must-have: The Cardigan (in every shape, size and color)

June 5, 2009

I noticed yesterday that half of my closet is filled with cardigans…how could I possibly have SO many? I mean, I guess I do wear one pretty much every day of the week, so it does makes sense. Whether it’s over a silk top or just a plain tank, a dress or a skirt, the cardigan is a very handy piece of clothing. They really go with just about anything…pair it with a long necklace and cute shoes and you are bound to look completely put together and stylish, every single day of the week. So many different kinds to choose from…here are some of my favorites…all for under $50!




¾ sleeve

Short sleeve



What do you wear your cardigans with?

Chelsea Handler- I love you, but where is your stylist?

June 3, 2009

I am addicted to the show Chelsea Lately, I think Chelsea Handler is hilarious and sooo dead on with everything she talks about. From her round table trashing celebrities to her little “nugget” Chuy, I die of laughter. The one thing that constantly distracts me from all of the madness on this show is her style (or lack there of). She is a beautiful woman, but she is in desperate need of some blush, lipstick and some stylish clothes that are more suitable to her body. I want to see Chelsea glowing on the screen again! I want to see her personality shine even more through her fashion! I think she has so much potential and just needs a little beauty and wardrobe help. Any takers?

What would you dress Chelsea in? I’m thinking something like this…