The Cutoff Short: Are you a fan?

August 2, 2009
My summer uniform consists of mostly dresses and the occasional skirt, but oddly, I never consider a pair of shorts. It’s the most basic of all summer clothing, yet I seem to ignore this every year. I’ve been seeing the cutoff jean short all around these days and thought I better get myself a pair before it’s too late and the weather starts to turn south.

Here are some jean cutoff options:

American Eagle at ShopStyle

I love the way a baggy top contrasts with these short shorts!

American Apparel at ShopStyle

Pair with these trendy sandals:

Mossimo at ShopStyle

Complete your outfit with these accessories:

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

Are you a fan of cutoffs? What do you pair them with?

I’m heading to the beach on vacation (in my cutoffs of course)!! See you in a week!

Need a pop of color? Add YELLOW!

July 22, 2009

Any time I’ve ever needed to add a touch of color to my black and white wardrobe, I always grabbed something red, until now. All over the city my eyes jet back and forth at the vibrant yellows I see all around. There is something about yellow that just screams summer and I love it! The way it bounces off a fresh tan is flawless. I just bought myself a yellow cardigan and I feel so alive in it…like I have gotten 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep (wouldn’t that be nice?)How do you feel about yellow and have you been sporting it this summer?

Check out these options below. I wish I could buy them all, don’t you?

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

What’s your secret to wearing white?

June 11, 2009

For me, the warm weather can never come too soon. Not only do I love the spring and summer, but I can’t wait to wear white again! Such a crisp and fresh look. I love the way bold colors bounce right off white, it’s just a show-stopping combination. White pants with a turquoise top, white dress with daring colored accessories or a white skirt with playful sandals; the opportunities are endless.

One thing that puts a damper on all of these wonderful options is that no matter how hard I try, I end up completely dirty by the end of the day. It’s been costing me a fortune in dry cleaning already and it’s only the middle of June! Am I just such a slob or is this a common thing

How do you stay clean in your gorgeous white pieces? Any tips to get out the grossness on your white clothes without spending a fortune? What does your favorite white outfit look like?

A few of my favorites:
Marisa White Denim Capris – $49.50
White Denim Mini Skirt – $39.50
Floral Burnout Skirt – $39.50
Sheath Dress with Pleated Trim – $69.00

What to pair them with:
Ruffle Trim Tank in Coral – $24.50
Smocked Button Front Top in Blue – $46.50
Pucker Check Squareneck Top in Haze – $39.50

Shocking Style Steals: The perfect summer outfits for under $50!

June 9, 2009

I decided to take a look in Old Navy yesterday and to my surprise there were tons of really cute dresses, shorts and sandals. I haven’t shopped in Old Navy in ages, so I figured…why not experiment. I got an arm full of clothes and headed to the dressing room, figuring nothing would look cute at all, but to be honest, everything was great! It was hard to choose just 1 item, so, I allowed myself to purchase 1 outfit (dress, sunglasses and sandals)…all for a whopping $48.50! There were so many cute outfits I could have come up with for under $50 as well…take a look!

Would you step foot in Old Navy? Which under $50 outfit do you like best?

AMAZING new shirts and dresses that I’m DYING for (and you will be too)!

May 29, 2009

When I saw the new pieces that Banana Republic just came out with, my jaw literally hit the floor. The printed dresses, handkerchief-like blouses and embroidered shirts– all sooo up my ally! My first reaction was…”OMG, I have to have it all, what if it sells out before I get to it? I will be devastated!” On the flip side I know to never buy anything at Banana Republic at full price because it is guaranteed that it will eventually go on sale. Do you splurge on maybe just one piece because you obviously NEED it right now (NOT!)? Or do you wait for it all to go on sale? Quite the predicament…what would you do?

Do you pay full price to get your feet lookin’ pretty?

May 27, 2009

Sandals and dirty streets do not do our feet good! I love to go get a pedicure at a salon…it’s sooo relaxing, my feet feel sooo soft and fresh after, but very soon after I feel like I’ve wasted my money (especially when I ruin them 5 minutes later). I’ve been doing the at home pedicure lately and it’s still really satisfying (and a lot cheaper).

Here’s how to do it:

1) Soak your feet in water and lather with soap for 5 minutes

2) Use a foot scrubber and then pumice stone to make heels and feet smooth (you can usually buy this in 1 package)

3) Put lotion that has urea on your feet and then put socks on for 10 minutes (it’s like a facial for your feet). The urea rehydrates and heels dead skin, it seriously is a miracle worker.

4) Get to painting. I LOVE Essie nail polish, especially the colors “need a vacation” and “watermelon” – they are the perfect summer colors.

Another money saving tip: If you’ve already done the prep work, but don’t think you do a very good job of painting your own nails, you can always get a “color change” at a nail salon and it will cost you somewhere around half the price of a full pedicure.

Do you pay the big bucks for a pedicure or do you do-it-yourself? Have any other money saving tips?

Post-Memorial Day Skin: Do you feel the burn?

May 26, 2009

Ohhh what a glorious Memorial Day weekend! Despite the predictions for rain, it ended up being a gorgeous long weekend. Went to the beach, a Yankees Game, brunched…spent so much time outside. Years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about putting on suntan lotion on summer days. I burn really easily, but I always thought…”I’ll burn and then it will turn to tan, no big deal,” but as I get older (and obviously wiser) I find myself being a lot more conscious about how I treat my skin. I used 30 spf lotion all weekend and not only did I not burn, but I have an awesome tan! Sometimes patience pays off…not only am I not in pain from a burn, but a healthy tan always looks great. Do you protect your skin? If so, what do you use?