Post-Memorial Day Skin: Do you feel the burn?

May 26, 2009

Ohhh what a glorious Memorial Day weekend! Despite the predictions for rain, it ended up being a gorgeous long weekend. Went to the beach, a Yankees Game, brunched…spent so much time outside. Years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about putting on suntan lotion on summer days. I burn really easily, but I always thought…”I’ll burn and then it will turn to tan, no big deal,” but as I get older (and obviously wiser) I find myself being a lot more conscious about how I treat my skin. I used 30 spf lotion all weekend and not only did I not burn, but I have an awesome tan! Sometimes patience pays off…not only am I not in pain from a burn, but a healthy tan always looks great. Do you protect your skin? If so, what do you use?