Permanent Makeup- Is it for you?

September 29, 2009

I was at a family event this past weekend and all the women were talking about tattooed makeup. My ears perked up as I listened to them talk about the “permanent” (lasts about 7 years) eyeliner and eyebrows they got tattooed onto their skin. I found this really interesting actually… After plucking their eyebrows for so many years, it seems that the hairs just stopped growing back and they have random spaces that just look awkward. The “tattoo artist” fills in those spaces to make your eyebrows look full again. The permanent eyeliner makes your eyes POP without having to spend time each and every day. It looks really great and what a time saver!

But is it really worth it? What are the risks involved?

How do you feel about this simple procedure? Would you ever get this done? I wonder if I would do this one day…