Do you share clothes with your man?

February 1, 2010

I’m not talking tees you wear to bed or sweats you throw on to toss out the garbage, I’m talking everyday wear…his button down shirts, pants, suit jackets, jeans…

There was a whole article in Elle dedicated to this – girls wearing their guys’ clothes. They showed the guy, and then his girl wearing a piece of his clothing that happened to fit her perfectly.

As I read I felt a few things:

 1) A little jealous that girls were able to do this (my boyfriend is 6’0, I’m only 5’1; this would never work for us)

2) Happy that my boyfriend and I are not even close to the same size, that’s a total plus of living with a boy, they don’t steal your sh*t

3) Confused…do couples actually do this?

Is this taking the “boyfriend” jeans….shirt…blazer…too far? What do you think?

Click on the images above (and below) to get the looks for less!

Asos at ShopStyle

Source: Stylesite, Elle

What type of jeans do you wear?

December 28, 2009

Celebrities like Cameron Diaz (paired with boots), Anne Hathaway (paired with pumpes) and Vanessa Hudgens (paired with booties), sport my new J Brand 910 jeans – you can wear them with anything!

I’ve always been into designer jeans – 7 Sevens, Citizens of Humanity, AG, Paige…the list goes on, but ever since becoming a real person with a real job and real bills to pay, the desire to splurge on designer jeans became less and less appealing. Designer jeans became a thing of the past and the newest editon of Gap jeans ($60) became my new everyday denim…until now.

After many many years of waiting, I just went to Bloomingdales for my first real jean shopping in years (thanks to my boyfriend)…I know, crazy! J Brands were on the top of my list and that’s exactly what I went home with. Who knew how many different styles and washes I would have to choose from. I wavered back and forth (even broke a sweat) and finally decided on J Brand “The Skinny” Slim Fit Low Rise Jean (910) in the Dark Vintage wash ($158). They are SUPER soft and stretchy. Word on the street is that as long as you can button them and breathe, those are what you should go with, since they tend to stretch out “a lot.” I plan to do a lot of squats to break them in!
I’m really pumped about this purchase and to make matters ever better, if you donate a pair of jeans to Bloomies, you get 20% off your denim purchase!! A pair of old 7 Sevens for $30 off my new J Brands? Sweet!

What kind of jeans do you wear? Do you splurge on designer jeans or do you go for something a little more practical? I mean, this is a purchase you get SO much use out of… (and I’m secretly already plannning my next J Brand shopping trip)

Splurge Picks:

True Religion at ShopStyle

Steal Picks (under $100):

Banana Republic at ShopStyle