Spring Fever!!

March 10, 2010

Is it true? A few days of consistent 50 degree weather? Is this cold snowy winter finally over??? I hope so, because I’ve already started freshening up my wardrobe with these super cute dresses, all for really great prices. I realized EVERY spring/summer I buy dresses and EVERY spring/summer I NEED more. I get bored easily, what can I say? So I decided that this year, if I want to buy a whole new closet of clothes (clothes I obviously don’t NEED), I’m going to have to do it on the cheap!

Here are a few items I’ve got my eye on…can’t wait to break them out with some flops and shades!

Are you happy winter is finally coming to an end? What’s first on your “buy” list?

The Best and Worst of the 82nd Academy Awards (in my opinion)!

March 8, 2010
The best:
My favorite trend of last night was the VERY high slitted dresses! It was risqué, but the stars took precautions, just in case the wind hit at an unexpected moment. I especially loved Faith Hill’s black lace gown, with the lace high slit. The different textures of the dress gave me so much to look at, I think she looked stunning.
The worst:
Purple is my favorite color, I like it in all of its shades – plum, eggplant, violet… At the academy awards last night, it was clear that Zoe Saldana felt the same way, but boyyyy did she butcher this perfect combination. The top half of her Givenchy dress was gorgeous, eloquent…but once that camera scanned down, I was horrified…honestly, what was she thinking? Ruffles much? Other sites are calling this dress the best of the night, but I totally disagree. Her privileged and stuck up attitude didn’t help my feelings toward her dress (or her) either…
For black lace options for less, click here
Do purple the right way, for less:
Asos at ShopStyle

Did you like these dresses? Which do you think were the best and worst of the night?

I’m Engaged!

March 4, 2010

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, it’s been sort of a whirlwind…I promise to pick it up!!

See Through Accessories

February 25, 2010

I’ve been hearing about this trend for quite some time now, they call it “lucite” which I honestly didn’t know the meaning of, thought it was some new sort of trendy term, but it’s really just an “alternative to glass.”

This trend was seen all over the Spring 2010 runway with designers like Michael Kors and Burberry. It’s very versatile! It can be worn as a standalone piece, but I also love the idea of piling it on with metals and other colors, like the Alexis Bittar Lucite Bangles below. Bring out its shine paired with a solid or printed top… Any way you decide to use them, they are sure to add life to your outfit.

Do you like this trend? I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I’m totally warming up to it…(I wish the temperature would do the same!)

Get this trend for less:

New York & Co. at ShopStyle

Buy 1, get 1 50% off @ Steve Madden!

February 22, 2010

I was in the market for new grey knee length boots and found this pair by Steve Madden for $70  (originally $150) – that’s over 50% off! I had to have them, so I went over to the local boutique to check them out.  The store was also having a promotion on all Clearance items – buy 1 get 1 half off. I’m not sure when it ends, but I would get over there sooner rather than later! 


I found the grey boots in my size (and on clearance)…and then I eyed the studded ankle cowboy/biker boots pictured above from STEVEN by Steve Madden for $99 (originally $370) on clearance also!!! I went back and forth and back and forth. Do I really need these? What in the world would I even wear them with? But 2 pairs of boots which would have originally cost me $520 total now only totalling $134? I took the plunge and I don’t regret it for a second! 

These ankle boots are rough, tough and studded. They are also wide at the top which help make my short legs (I’m only 5’1) look taller. I plan on wearing them with my leggings or skinnies. I’ll even wear them with a floral dress going into the spring to toughen up the look a bit. 

Here are more options for how to get this look for less: 

Steve Madden at ShopStyle

And what to wear them with:    



Forever 21 at ShopStyle


They’ve really done it this time!

February 19, 2010

When I first saw this new jewelry (including rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets) at Banana Republic a few weeks ago, my heart started pounding. I just can’t get enough of chains, metals, and precious stones – I love a mix of highs and lows. I NEEDED at least one piece (the ring above), but they didn’t have my size and I didn’t really have the extra cash, so it was a blessing in disguise! But great news, the ring is on sale already for $25 and so are some of the other pieces! And if you’re feeling up to it, everything else shown below is less than $100!! Treat yourself – you’ve earned it!

Get this look for less:

Banana Republic at ShopStyle
Banana Republic at ShopStyle

Sonia Rykiel for H&M

February 16, 2010

I know you’ve probably been hearing about the 2nd collaboration (knitwear) for quite some time now like I have, but I just had to chat about it. Not only do I love these pieces, but the interactive site they have up right now is pretty cool too. They make it so easy to share their pieces with friends, in your blog (if your blog service will allow it), on facebook…they’ve taken social networking to a whole new level. You have to poke around a bit, it’s a blast! Grab some of your favs on Feb 20th! See you there.

via A First Look at Sonia Rykiel’s Knitwear Collection for H&M.

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Surprise your guy with these…

February 12, 2010

I wish I was more of a lingerie type of girl, but honestly, I’m most definitely not. I sleep in baggy tees and sweats (sometimes) and my boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind!

But maybe it’s time to add a little shock value? Or to hint at a sexy present you’ve been eyeing? Check these out below…I’m sure you’ll be able to get whatever you want *wink* HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Kimchi & Blue at ShopStyle

Kissable lips just in time for Valentine’s Day!

February 10, 2010

I’m not really one to get all sappy around Valentine’s Day, it might be because I’ve already been spoiled, wined and dined enough for my birthday the week before, or because I feel like everyday should be treated like V-day, but any excuse for an extra few kisses is fine by me!!

The winter cold makes my lips sooo incredibly dry and I’ve found the cure!! AQUAPHOR!! Put it on before bed, before you head out into the winter mess, during work…your lips will be silky smooooth!!

There are also formulas that can also be used for dry hands and skin:

Aquaphor at ShopStyle

Buy it in every shape and size, you will not be disappointed!

Did someone say Groupon?

February 9, 2010


Arite, so this may sound too good to be true, but Groupon offers heavy discounts on everything from restaurants, spas, boutiques and more in your area. As long as the minimum amount of people purchase the same groupon as you, you’ll get the “group” deal of the century for 50, 60, 75% off of the actual price. It’s like Restaurant.com, but for more than just restaurants. Today’s Groupon for New York for example is $46 for a One-Hour Massage and Nap at YeloSpa – actual value of this massage is $112!! And enough people have already signed up, so this deal is on!!

Don’t believe me? check out this video for more information! Learn How Groupon Works!

Just enter your email address and you’ll get your “Groupon Deal of the Day” emailed to you each morning!!